Predicting the Past

"Neuroscientists for the first time have identified regions of the brain involved in envisioning future events. Using brain imaging, researchers at Washington University in St. Louis found that the human mind taps into the same parts of the brain while imagining the future as it does when recollecting the past. This means that the brain apparently predicts the course of future events by imagining

Shifting Sands of Social Influence

"Scientists at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and the New England Complex Systems Institute have discovered that social networks and the roles of the individuals that make them up vary drastically from day to day. Until now, scientists have largely thought of networks as fairly stable, changing only slightly over time–say, when someone makes a new contact... When they looked at the

Googling New Hire Candidates

"How will Google scale its massive hiring ramp-up while maintaining its famously intricate screening process for 'Googley' employees? With an algorithm of course. After months of interviewing their employees to decipher trends in personality and interests that mark Googlers, Google has 'derived' a complex hiring questionnaire. Google will begin using the surveys with all applicants this month." /